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The Sufi Greeting


The ancient Sufi's believed that the only way to really know someone is to connect at the soul level.  This greeting was their way of doing that.


The Sufi Greeting, as taught to me by Mari Hall, RM


Done in Silence with complete focus on each other.   


  1. Approach each other, looking into the eyes, with open hands - Nothing to hide .
  2. Touch palms together, still looking directly into the eyes - Think: “I greet you with perfect love and trust.”
  3. Holding arms 90° from body, palms touching (eyes locked) - think: “I crucify the ego”
  4. Make a triangle with thumbs and forefingers, and “look in the eyes of God”
  5. The right hand grasps the left hand of your partner, and presses it into the heart. “ I cherish you and connect with you in my heart”
  6. Big inhale and raise/stretch arms above the head, sending energy to the universe and rejoicing with the love.
  7. Embrace, heart to heart, with right arm passing over left shoulder of partner, left arm around the back.
  8. Be grateful feel the joy of the true communion of human/divine spirit. 



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