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Using Tibetan Bells to Balance Our Yin and Yang (Feminine and Masculine) Energies


I would like to share with you a technique for balancing our energies.  I learned this technique from Jonathan Goldman at the 2005 Reiki, Sound and Healing Conference.  It is based upon the principle of “entrainment”.  Entrainment is the natural synchronicity or tendency of one vibrating body to match resonate frequencies with the higher frequency or energy of another vibrating body.

tingshas, tibetan bells used for balancing the Yin and Yang, female and masculine energies

While researching for sounds that trigger Out of Body Experiences, businessman and psychic researcher Robert Monroe found that our brain can synch to the frequency differential between two different but similar sounds.  This is the basis of Tibetan bells (tingsha bells).


The two bells are made slight different so that when struck they vibrate at two different frequencies.  It is the difference between the resonate frequencies of the two bells (called a "beat frequency" and in this case is nominally 10 Hz which is in the brain's alpha wave range) that the brain synchs to. When struck together, with bells hanging over separate sides of the head, each side of the brain synchs to its respective bell.  Monroe called this synching between the two sides, “hemisynch”. When the bells are then rotated 180 degrees about a central point so that each bell is now over the opposite side of the head, the two halves of the brain actually transfer their synchronization information to the other half.  This “coaxing” of the two halves to interact, helps us balance our left/right, male/female, yang/yin energies.


Tingshas can be purchased at many new age and Tibetan stores as well as on line.  They range in price from $15 to $50 depending on the quality and intricacy of engraved patterns.  Locally they can be obtained from the Tibetan Bazaar in Yellow Springs.

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