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My Enneagram-Reiki Connection


I've learned so much about myself and how I relate to other people because of my Enneagram studies!  The Spirit led me to the Enneagram before Reiki... although in fairness I had heard about Reiki several years earlier but my engineer/scientist brain dismissed it as hogwash.


One of the more advanced Enneagram subjects is the idea, put forth by Sandra Maitri, that we all have a "lost soul child" - a part of our personality that was never allowed to grow up. A part of us, that as a child when we didn't have the coping skills to handle this part of our personality, we were led to believe was not good or the proper way to act. So we pushed it aside and pretended it didn't exist.


For me, my lost soul child was a little boy that got angry when the world made no logical sense. Just as if I were Spock in Star Trek, I buried my anger under a mountain of logic and silence. It wasn't until I took Michael Baird's Reiki Drumming class at the Infinite Light Healing Studies Insitute that I discovered why the Spirit led me to the Enneagram and then to Reiki. In that Reiki Drumming class, I took a drum journey back in time to visit my lost soul child. Once there, I was able to give my child self Reiki and invite him to return with me because I now had the skills needed to intergrate him into my adult self.


Although it has not been easy, I now have integrated my tendency to be angry at events and people in my life that make no sense. I allow the anger to come to the surface where I can let it go with Divine Love and Light. When you invite and embrace Reiki into your life you learn that only that which is of pure Love and Light can touch you, everything else is repelled or transformed.

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