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Trinity Test Site Healing - 2009


Saturday, April 4th - I sit in my car in front of the Stallion Range gate of the White Sands Missile Range. The time is 0545 hrs. and the sun is just beginning to creep up over the mountains to the east of me.  Although I passed some campers and RV along the road to the gate, I find that I am the first person in line.  The gate doesn't actually open until 0800 hrs. So I sat and listened to Kate Wolf's "Medicine Wheel" song over and over and let the sunrise warm my soul. This is the day I've been waiting for since January.  It was in January, while reading a Wikipedia article about the Hanford atomic energy site in Washington state, that I read about the Trinity Test Site.  Since the Trinity Site is within the confines of the White Sands Missile Range it is open to the public only two days a year... the first Saturdays in April and October. WSMR is very active range and must be shut down in order to allow the public access.


Keith Longstreth The Roving Reiki Master at the Trinity Test Site

Although I knew some about the Trinity Site, as I read about it this time, I was overcome by a sense that I am supposed to go there and give Reiki to the land... to heal the terrible scar that mankind inflicted upon it and to ask for our forgiveness.  After drawing a medicine wheel on the ground, I asked the Spirits of the East, South, West, North, Grandfather Sky, Grandmother Earth and the Great Inbetween where all things meet, to join me in giving healing energy to the earth at this spot. As I drummed I chatted the Reiki kotodamas*. When I was done, I felt a warm feeling as if the the earth was hugging me and thanking me for caring about it. Here is a YouTube video of me drumming at Trinity: Drumming at the Trinity Test Site


When I was done with my ceremony, a couple of the guards approached me to ask what I was doing. They had been watching and was wondering if I was a shaman. I explained what I was doing and how I was called to come from Ohio to the Trinity for the purpose of giving Reiki the land.  We had are great conversation. They told me about the wildlife of the missile range which included some very large mountain lions and Oryx. They also told me that the spot where I was guided by the Spirits to perform my ceremony, was litteraly just a couple of inches from where the bomb was centered.  I just knew that that spot was where I was supposed to ask the Reiki enter the earth.


After I left the site I heading east, stopping at the Blanchard Rock Shop to purchase a small sample of trinitite. Trinitite is a glassy residue left at the Trinity Site from the atomic blast.  In 1952 it became illegal to remove trinitite from the site.  However, before that time collectors had free range and some is available for sale. I bought a small sample, 1.7 grams at a cost $30/gram. From there I continued east, crossing over the Valley of Fires again, before heading northeast to join I-40.


* For those that aren't familiar with the Reiki kotodama, they are the spiritual essence of the phrases associated with Reiki symbols.  I learned them from Nito Mocaneu during his presentation at a 2005 Reiki, Sound and Healing Conference.

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