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Ancient Bristlecone Pine Tree Journey - 2011


This is an excerpt from a travelog I kept during a journey to the most ancient of all beings on earth, the Ancient Bristlecone Pine Trees in Schulman Grove, part of the Inyo National Forest in California. (Visit Ancient Bristlecone Pine Forest to find out more particulars)


October 11th – Death Valley, CA to Bishop, CA


I am now in Bishop, CA. Last night I stayed at the Furnace Creek Inn in Death Valley. In a dream that night, I had gotten up and driven to Badwater Basin, to video the sunrise at the lowest point in North America. Since this whole trip had been about following dreams and intuition, when I woke up, I did precisely that. It was an amazing experience. I had thought that I'd be able to visit the trees today, but I got too many messages saying not today, but tomorrow. So I went up and took photos of Mono Lake instead. I will post those, along with some Death Valley and Mount Whitney photos later this evening.


Ancient Bristlecone Pine-sm925

An Ancient Bristlecone Pine Tree

Keith Longstreth, The Roving Reiki Master, giving Reiki to an Ancient Bristlecone Pine 

Giving Reiki to an injured tree

A very young, 10 year old, Ancient Bristlecone Pine tree 

A "young" 10 year old tree

October 12th – "Tree Day"


During the previous two days I had listened repeatedly to a song by one of my favorite singers, Joe Crookston.  The words of his song, "Fall Down As The Rain" played through my mind as I woke this morning. I was very excited. Let me say right now, that this was a most auspicious day for me. I, a meager Reiki Master from Ohio, would be amounst the most ancient of all life on earth!! I could hardly contain myself and was filled with incredible emotion that took many days to process... consequently my journal on this day may seem a bit lacking considering how important the day was. I will briefly cover what I did at the trees... I did a medicine wheel drumming ceremony in addition to giving Reiki to specific tree.When I get home I'll process the video and post clips of the ceremony and the Reiki session. Also, at the request of Donna Smith I asked the tree I gave Reiki to, to sound its voice through me. That voice sounding is also on the video... and I must say I was quite amazed at the sound that was coming out of my mouth... I just previewed the videos I took. There was a lot of wind noise. But the voice of the tree came through loud and clear. Here are the video clips:


    Schulman Grove Ancient Bristlecone Pine Forest Drumming Ceremony

    Reiki Ceremony in Ancient Bristlecone Pine Forest


These are the messages I came away from the trees with…


  • During the drive up the mountain I had feelings of exposure, emotional nakedness and lack of control are human vulnerabilities that I must release.
    • Exposure of driving on a road 10,000 feet high, with no guard rail, trees or vegetation of any kind to prevent your car from falling 6,000 feet to the valley below, should it stray from the roadway.
    • Emotionally naked knowing that my vulnerability is there for everyone to see, including these trees that are most ancient of all life .
    • The trees "spoke" to me with assurance that I would be all right. With that assurance my anxiety eased and I drove up the mountain in peace.
  • I sensed that although each tree was a separate physical entity, energetically all the trees were part of a single being of energy. Though, I did not sense it was collective of consciousness of all the trees, but rather a single energetic being with many physical tree parts! A single energetic being that has lived on that mountain top for millennia.
  • While performing my ceremonies, I felt that I had been wrapped up in the incredible loving energy of this ancient being.
  • Finally, I was told over and over that although the earth is now in a state of transition, there is nothing to fear.
  • Hearing these words from a being that is as old as time itself filled me with incredible Love, Peace and Serenity.


As an addendum, a year or so after I visited with the trees, I was at Transformational Breathwork class in North Carolina with my dear friends Pamela and Donald T. McMahon. During the meditation period of class I was visited by the single entity that all of the bristlecone pine trees on this mountain top connect.  I was told that this entities name is "Golia".

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