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Animal Communication or Proof of Being a Specieist


My forever Reiki buddy Carolyn taught me how to use Reiki to facilitate communication with animals.  Here are a couple of conversations I had with my departed soul-family member, Shadow.  Shadow was a cat that adopted me when I lived in Colorado Springs.

Conversation with Shadow (September 6th, 2005 - 0100 hours)


This is the transcript of an ongoing conversation with Shadow that began the night I arrived home from the 2005 International Reiki Retreat. The impetus was to speak with Shadow about some concerns that surfaced within me during the retreat.


ME: Namaste

SHADOW: Namaste


ME: I am concerned about your health. I know your body is getting old. Will you let me know when your time comes to leave your body so I can help you?

SHADOW: I don’t need your help, but I will tell you if it will comfort you.


ME: Thank You


ME: Do you have anything else to tell me about P.J.?

SHADOW: She is a very young soul. A child.


ME: Why is she a cat then?

SHADOW: Do you think it matters what her body is? She can learn what she needs to learn as a cat. Everyone can learn what they need to learn no matter what their body is.


ME: Have you ever been a human?

SHADOW: Yes. I was a King long ago.


ME: Were you a noble king?

SHADOW: That is what I was told.


ME: Thank you for the conversation

Then later this same night…


ME: Why did you come to me?

SHADOW: You needed me.


ME: What am I supposed to learn from you?

SHADOW: Ha, I am not telling you that! (You have to figure it out on your own – this was given to me almost as a telepathic footnote)


ME: What is your opinion of me?

SHADOW: That is a silly question. It is like asking your big toe what it thinks of your foot. They are both one of the same. We are all one.


SHADOW: Now leave me alone. (He said this politely)

Shadow then went off to play with P.J.


Still later that same night…


ME: Why do you like to lay next to me?

SHADOW: It makes my body feel good.

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