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A Midwest Reiki Convergence Epiphany - 2009


I want to share with you an experience I had at the 2009 Midwest Reiki Convergence this past July.  I had returned to my cabin after drumming for about an hour at a meditation spot.  I put my drum away and then sat down on the screened in porch.  The porch was very long and looked down on to the side of a thickly wooded hill. Also on the porch were three ladies finishing up a Reiki treatment.  Shortly after I sat down I was joined by two more people, an intuitive artist doing a water color of another person. 


As I sat I began looking out at the trees.  I noticed how the wind was moving the branches and leaves.  Soon I was pretty zoned out and in a deep meditative state. In this state I was blessed with unusual visual clarity.  I was able to see extreme detail in the leaves… right down to the veins.  I sat amazed as I scanned the woods from the porch.  Then I began to realize that as the wind blew the leaves, what was really happening was that the wind was moving leaves out of the way so that I could see things I couldn’t see before.  The wind was actually peeling away layers of leaves allowing me to see deeper and deeper in to the woods. 


Appreciating the situation, I realized that it wasn’t by chance that certain leaves were being moved out of the way… rather, I realized I was meant to see exactly what I was being shown... even if it was only for a brief moment in time.  There was even a time when the leaves were moved out of the way in such a manner that I was able to peer through a quarter mile long “hole” to glimpse the beautiful blue sky.  I was moved to tears by this and closed my eyes.  As I closed them I was surprised to realize that I could see the energies of the trees.  I was sitting with my eyes shut and watching the auras change with the wind.  How cool is that!! It was one of the most amazing experiences I’d ever had.  Just then another person walked by and I could see how their energy was co-mingled with the energy from the trees.  As they passed me, a shift in the auras moved across my field of view, like a solitary ripple in the water. I saw how their energy interacted with the energy of the trees as they walked by. I knew then that I was being given a message. 


The message is that as beings of energy, we are like the wind.  As others pass through our energies, they allow us to see things we could not otherwise see.  And we do the same for them as we move through their fields. It is not by chance that these events happen...  they happen so that we may recognize the gift that is being shown to us. All we have to do is to be open and ready to see with divine clarity.

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