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Will the Ennegram help me change my life?

We all take on many tasks, large and small, without thinking about them. We all have habits without really understanding why we do them. There is nothing wrong with doing many things at once, working hard, or having all sorts of habits... as long as we choose to do them and understand why we do them. The Enneagram can help you first, recognize and understand all these things that are happening in your life and secondly, provide you a means to break free of those things you chose to no longer be a part of your life.

Every mammal except humans live to an average age of 10 times their age of sexual maturity. The number one reason humans don't is STRESS... not the big stresses like marriages, divorces, buying a house, etc., but rather the little stresses that are always present. These little stresses keep your "fight or flight" mechanism engaged all the time and prevent your body from being able to relax, nurture and revitalize itself. Think about it... most modern ailments associated with growing old in America today (high blood pressure, type 2 diabetes, COPD, digestive ailments, etc.) are directly linked to bodily systems controlled by our "fight or flight" mechanism.
By understanding why these little stresses are always with us, you can chose to remove those you no longer want and to consciously chose to continue those you still desire. And that simple act alone, choosing to keep something in your life, will reduce or completely remove the stress associated with that  aspect of your life.
Are you ready to open the door to a new you?

I teach the Enneagram to individuals in one-on-one coaching sessions or to small, large or very large groups in a classroom or workshop setting.

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