The Roving Reiki Master

Giving and Teaching Reiki Where The Spirit Guides Me

Holistic Health is a Way of Life!


I believe that by bringing your MIND, BODY and SPIRIT into harmony, you can remove STRESS from your life. Holistic living helps us negate the long-term effects of stress and it promotes wellness through:


  • Balance and integration of physical, mental, emotional and spiritual attributes.
  • Maintenance of loving relationships with others and with our environment.
  • Choice of wellness-oriented lifestyle.
  • Active participation in health decisions and healing process.


My calling in life is to help people bring Peace, Balance and Harmony to their Mind, Body and Spirit through giving and teaching Reiki.


When I took my Enneagram Instructor Certification Training, one of the 30 essay questions that I had to complete was to write a mission statement for my life. After about three weeks of deliberation I came up with:


"To strive to positively influence the people's lives that I touch."


I believe that it is in the striving to do something worthy, not the attaining of some goal, that we stretch and grow our humanity and the Divine Love within us.  Also, since you may never know if you have a positive influence, the most you can do is to always strive.  Your actions may be observed from a distance by a stranger and those actions will inspire something amazing in them. This is my philosophy that I strive to apply to my life everyday.



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