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In November 2007, Diana Blowers, a contributing writer for the Dayton Daily News interviewed me for an article in her series about local people of interest.  Her article "Hereabouts: Rocket man travels new path in life" is shown below.

Hereabouts: Rocket man travels new path in life

By Diana Blowers
Contributing Writer

Thursday, November 29, 2007


He was a rocket scientist but it didn't take rocket science for Keith Longstreth to find the peace he needed. Instead it took Reiki, a Japanese energy therapy, and the Enneagram, a personality-typing theory. 

In 1994, after retiring from the Air Force, Longstreth and his late wife, Anne, moved to Beavercreek where their children, Joshua and Sarah, graduated from high school in 1995 and 1997, respectively.


His Air Force experience included designing and building rockets to carry scientific experiments into space. "Yes, I was literally a rocket scientist," said Longstreth, a research scientist for the Battelle Memorial Institute in Columbus. "Since 2002, I've been exploring a completely different path though ... that of a holistic practitioner.


In life there are things that happen that give us the opportunity to pause, take stock of our lives, and change our path if we have the courage to do so," he said. "My opportunity came as a result of my wife's illness. Multiple sclerosis is a very debilitating, yet "nonfatal" disease". When the debilitating affects started to pile up, "she became obsessed with all the capabilities and things in life she no longer had. Unfortunately this included me and our kids. It is very hard to watch someone you love dearly, just give up on life."


They divorced and she went to a nursing home, passing away a year and a half later, in 2001. "Although it is true that I gave up on our marriage, I never gave up on Anne and was with her and lovingly doing what I thought was best for her until the end," said Longstreth, who took time to "pause and take stock of my life."


He was first introduced to the Enneagram. "Unlike other typing theories though, the Enneagram is not based on a person's actions, but rather a person's motivation.


... My friends saw how the Enneagram was helping me and I started sharing my knowledge with them — this was the beginning of my life coaching," Longstreth said.


He took an Enneagram instructor certification course at Loyola University in Chicago and later took a Reiki class at the Ohio Academy of Holistic Health in Xenia. "From that very first class I realized that Reiki is my calling in life.


... To that end, I bought an old school bus that I'm converting to a motor home. When I complete the conversion, my plan is to sell my house and hit the road


... just traveling where the Spirit guides me with the knowledge that wherever I am, I am there to help others by giving and teaching Reiki," he said.


Reiki is based upon the traditional Chinese medicine concept that the body has energy channels, called meridians, running through it. "Keeping energy flowing freely through these meridians is the essence of health," Longstreth said.

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